The Woodstock Conservation Commission held a presentation on the Pollinator Pathway Program on April 23, 2020 on Zoom.  If you were unable to attend, please go here to watch at your leisure.  You can also find the introduction power point presentation below.

The goal of the Pollinator Pathway Initiative is to  establish pollinator-friendly habitats and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife. With the reported decline in these important pollinator species, it is more important than ever to rethink our landscape management behaviors to benefit these critical organisms that pollinate our back-yard vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

How to join the Pollinator Pathway Program is simple. From this presentation, you will learn about the importance of including native flowering plants in your landscape and how that will benefit many types of native pollinator organisms. You will learn about things we commonly do that actually harm our native pollinators, and what is recommended to replace those lawn care ideas. This will both beautify your yard and improve the natural environment we live in. Finally, we will be asking people to voluntarily sign a simple pledge to use pollinator friendly landscape management practices. We will then be able to plot your address on a simple Google map, because a pathway is not made from a single point, but a series of points close together.

The Pollinator Pathways has spread to over 70 towns across Connecticut and New York and continues to grow.  Find out what is happening in towns across Connecticut and New York at https://www.pollinator-pathway.org/ or email info@pollinator-pathway.org.

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden


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Originally presented on Zoom 4/23/20 by Jean Pillo