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Download the Development Review Checklist and cover letter in a PDF format. Hard copies may also be obtained from the Town of Woodstock Building Dept.


The Development Review Checklist is used to review subdivision and special permit applications for compatibility with the Town of Woodstock A Plan of Open Space and Conservation (APOSC) and the 2002 Plan of Conservation and Development Update. Chapter IV of the Town of Woodstock Subdivision Regulations and Article IV of the Town of Woodstock Zoning Regulations requires that the applicant complete this Checklist and submit it to the Planning & Zoning Commission with a subdivision or special permit application.

The Checklist was designed by the Woodstock Conservation Commission to facilitate early identification of important natural and cultural resources that may be impacted by development, and to promote consideration of measures to appropriately protect those resources. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider these resources and measures during the initial planning and design phase of the application process.

Although not required, applicants are also encouraged to meet with Conservation Commission staff (as the schedules of our volunteer members allow) during the planning phase, to review natural and cultural resources and conservation measures. Experience has shown that such pre-application reviews help identify critical resources, prioritize conservation goals, and avoid conflicts, while protecting the rights of applicants and property owners.

A copy of APOSC, the 2002 Plan of Conservation and Development Update, and accompanying resource maps are available at the Woodstock Town Hall in the Building Department or the office of the Town Clerk. APOSC, maps, and an electronic copy of this Checklist are also available at the Town of Woodstock Conservation Commission website at http://www.woodstockconservation.org.


Jeff Gordon, MD,, Chairperson Woodstock Planning and Zoning Commission
Jean Pillo, Chairperson Woodstock Conservation Commission

Rev.2, 08/27/2012

Conservation Commission
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