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Beetle Vacuum

Drawing of how to suck Halloween Beetles up with a vacuum.  Source: Ohio State

"An effective way to minimize problems with large numbers of multicolored Asian lady beetles is to use a vacuum cleaner or shop-vac to "bag" the beetles. The beetles can be captured inside a knee-high nylon stocking that has been inserted into the extension hose or wand and secured in place with a rubber band (see Figure 2). As soon as the vacuum cleaner is turned off, be sure to remove the stocking so that the captured beetles cannot escape. As you remove it, the rubber band closes around the stocking, effectively "bagging" the lady beetles. You then can discard the contents of the stocking. If you want to keep the lady beetles and release them during the spring, place a damp cloth (they need moisture) inside the stocking. If you want to reuse the stocking, place the damp cloth inside a container perforated with numerous air holes and empty the lady beetles into the container. The collected beetles should be kept in a protected, unheated area, such as a detached garage or storage shed."

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